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Must be made within 14 days of receipt of your item. Return postage must be paid by the customer. We will only refund a return if it reaches us, and is in an unused condition.

Faulty Items

All of my products are checked before I send them because I want them to arrive as expected and be enjoyed by the recipient as expected. If you feel that your item has a fault please contact me via the contact us page or Facebook messenger. Please remember when you message me that I am a cottage industry not a faceless corporate business. 

Please note that a skein becoming tangled whilst you are winding it is not a fault in the product. Even if you have been a knitter or crocheter for decades you need to unwind the skein with care once you have positioned it carefully and correctly.

Very occasionally the yarn will leave a colour residue on your hands. This can be due to the dyeing process used and is an excess rather than failure of the dye to adhere to the yarn. It should not affect the finished item. It should not diminish the colour of your yarn. This is not considered a fault.

When winding the wool the millers have to join ends of yarn together when one spool is finished and another is starting. This means that there will be a random knot or join in the odd skein. These are not considered faults.

Please take care when opening your parcels from me. If you cut through the yarn, even though accidental on your part it is not considered a fault of the product and is not covered by the returns policy.

All Yarns are hand dyed by myself. No two skeins will be exactly the same, this is the beauty of hand dyed yarn. This is not considered a fault. 

There will sometimes be undyed/bare/white sections within the handpainted skein. These are not considered faults.