About us

Woollywumpkins is a work at home mum business.

Hiya, I'm Michelle.

 I have been a WAHM for many years now, but only with the birth of my 3rd child did I discover the world of cloth nappies and the internet! Which then led me to put wool and cloth together.

I am not new to knitting or crochet. I was taught as a small child the techniques of knitting, and later crochet, by my nan, Kitty, over 30 years ago. I also picked up tips from Jean Ball a fantastic knitter who's finished items often graced Harrods stores.

I sell my work locally, to custom order, at Volkswagon festivals and online nationally and internationally. I really enjoy both knitting and crochet. Spinning and dyeing my own wool came naturally as I live in the heart of Blue Faced Leicester breeding farms. I'm often busy dyeing in my workshop whilst looking out over some of the sheep that the wool was grown from. I have searched and sourced the most delicate and soft pure wools available. Gone are the scratchy wools of yesteryear! If you enjoy knitting with squeaky acrylic you'll love pure wool, it is simply a pleasure to knit with.


I run regular craft afternoons at different venues. I also run workshops in knitting, crochet, dyeing and spinning. I have had local girls join me for work experience, which was really enjoyable. You can see the results here.

I dye mainly to custom order these days as my wholesale customer base has grown considerably over the last 8 years. So please feel free to message me with your custom requests. Although due to a recent attack by auto-immune disease my schedule has slowed down considerably.

If for any reason you are unable to complete your purchase please use contact us.